Don't you just love it when a CD arrives from someone you've never heard of, and it touches your life in new and interesting ways. Well, Jamison Young has done just that with his inventive blend of folk, techno and classic rock. Traipsing happily between numerous genres with consummate ease, Jamison teases and torments with nuances remaining undetected until several listens later. Producer Tim Powles, formerly of The Church, adds in a spoonful of electronica and psychedelia, but without falling into the trip hop trap. Imagine if Portishead were any good, and had religiously listened to the complete works of Bob Dylan. The highlight is "Carry The World", a trumpet assisted lament, which makes you feel nearly as tired as Mr Young. Awesome. This an enhanced CD also contains two videos for the songs, "Crush" and "How Far.” - THE FORRESTERS

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