Smooth, captivating vocals and interesting musical arrangements combine to make Jamison Young's new CD Shifting Sands of a Blue Car a strong, pop-laced album with great 'breakfast on the verandah' tunes. Jamison is a fantastic solo performer and multi-instrumentalist, who often utilises slide guitar, bass, trumpet, drums, keyboards and scratching all in one performance. However this new CD is a collaboration between Jamison and Tim Powles (The Church, Stella One Eleven), who has cleverly manipulated Jamison's songs using beats, samples and electronica to give them a slightly sharper edge. One New York magazine describes the album as "Chris Isaac meets Pink Floyd vocals, subtle yet intricate guitar work and unbelievable rhythms, all in a mixture that comes across smooth yet engaging." - an analysis we'd tend to agree with. Shifting Sands of a Blue Car is now available in all good record stores.”

Northern Rivers Echo