I'm a singer songwriter that's been living in different parts of Europe and the world over the last five years. Leaving Australia with a well produced album, i arrived in Europe with the plan to play the songs live and put the studio environment to rest. to go on.


Lifestyle: Basically vegetarian, no drink, drugs or smokes. I used to be kind of excessive, so i avoid toxic stuff where i can, these days. Like drinking tea and tea culture. Don't have a car, using the train tracks where i can. Buy just about everything i can second hand, like looking through junk shops, flea markets. I sometimes take a lot of random pictures, with both digital and analogue cameras, look at my flickr account. I want to live on a boat and sail away.

Promotion of shows

I do most things myself when it comes to the promotion of the tunes, i prefer to play in regional cities and smaller towns, places where the owner of the space has a good connection with a bunch of people that are interested in night of original songs. I send posters and postcards to the venues with a date and time. I also make a facebook/myspace event. If you have a connection with any local press, forward details to me. I ask for the best possible conditions, yet have practical expectations. I want to be active with performance.


I travel with all my own equipment for a small show, I prefer to do my own sound, have amp that is able to power a smaller sized space. Alpha AER amp, have mic stand, and mics.

Copyright Set list.

All the songs i perform i have written, as the contract i have with the rights organization is non-exclusive ASCAP , i'm able to license the songs directly to any space, this means that the space or event does not have to have to have any communication with any rights organizations with regard to my concert. I simply inform my rights organization of the event, with the time and date of the event, and the license is effective. However, due to copyright law in Europe, your under an obligation make a license prior to the event. If you don't do this, its legal for any rights organization to charge you for use my copyright.

Thoughts on copyright.

"Artists"/creators need to be able to license their works as they choose, exclusive contracts for an artist not with a recording or publisher company make no sense for the self publishing artist on the road, yet providers need to be able to use that content. The current system of copyright (law) does not take into consideration the changes in technology. The last album I made is licensed under a creative commons license, and is free for download on my site and also on Jamendo. A song i wrote and performed "memories child" was used in the x-files movie "i want to believe" and is also under free license. This is the first song to be licensed "freely" and also used in a major motion picture, read more here.


My current project is a songbook and also, after many years of being out of the studio I make a return. You can listen here to new recording of song with producer here.


Find photos for publicity, visit this link

Odds and ends that might be used for promotion of show, here.

Mail/text me if you need something more.

jam@jamyoung.net +420 731228882





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