Jamison Young has discovered a near perfect blend of folk, techno and retro in his latest effort on the Nautilus Music label, Shifting Sands of a Blue Car. Defying definition, this independent artist from Sydney Australia falls into a category of his own with his surreal yet lucid works of electronic folk music. At once invigorating and relaxing, Young's mellow tracks evoke memories of Dylan and the folk artists of the 1960s, while at the same time maintaining an identity all their own. While at times the lyrics seem strained and over thought, the musical backdrop makes up for any shortcomings lyrically. He weaves together an incredible blend of acoustic and techno, with jazz and latin elements that liven the sound and hold the listener's ear. Each new listen reveals previously unnoticed elements and meaning, corroborating Young's assertion in "Crush" that "things are never what they seem.” - Jessica Knot

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