Jamison Young is an independent Australian artist who has just completed his new CD "Shifting Sands of a Blue Car".Put this CD in the player, set the computer to the best fractal you have, and just space. Meld into the existentialism of the sounds cascading from the speakers. I was in my imaginary car, dreamily floating down a primal road, watching the clouds of thought and emotion Jamison creates float by. I stuck my hand out the top of the convertible and could almost grab the ephemeral. Suddenly track six, "Soldiers", put the car's wheels on a constantly shifting and swirling road to an unknown and limitless musical horizon. This CD is unique. It has elements of techno, bright and jazzy trumpet , Chris Isaac meets Pink Floyd vocals, subtle yet intricate guitar work, and unbelievable rhythms, all in a mixture that comes across smooth yetengaging. It definitely inspires run on sentences. Explaining the experience of listening to "Shifting Sands Of A Blue Car" is like trying to explain or remember a great yet totally existential dream. The more you try the more it escapes you. The title really works for this album. The American music industry rarely ever allows an artist like Jamison Young to thrive. His music cannot be readily pigeonholed, for it utilizes so many different musical elements and genres. It's not techno, yet there are great samples and beats. It's not jazz or mariachi, yet there are mexi-lectric trumpets that express the emotions of both styles. It isn't pop or rock either, though these basic musical elements flow smoothly like cool cascading water on a hot day. Basically you won't find this CD listed under any of these categories of music. It's listed under its own category. It's a must-have for any collection, even if it's just for the song "Soldiers". "Solar system" and "Island" will transport you to musical enlightenment as well. Whichever musical place you visit while in the "Shifting Sands Of A Blue Car" is worththe visit. My overall experience with this CD was like drinking an electric fruit smoothie while lying in a hammock on the dark side of the moon. "The mirror on the mantlepiece tells me it's time to leave because the soldiers of happiness have gone to sleep" - Jamison Young "Soldiers” - Billigan

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