Australský zpěvák a skladatel Jamison Young, jehož písnička Memories Child zazněla v druhém celovečerním filmu Akta X” - Czech froum for x-files

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from live performance near Prague, in Czech language” - Na celém

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Article to government department that regulates monopolies in Australia.” - Jamison Young

complaint against performing rights organization APRA

Article written in Czech newspaper in conjunction with performance in tea house in Litomysl.” - Jan Odstrčil

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Jaraslav has cottage next to mine, in Czeska Trebova.” - Jaraslav

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My overall experience with this CD was like drinking an electric fruit smoothie while lying in a hammock on the dark side of the moon. " Billigan - Long Island Music Scene New York live on a moon sounds like a Roger Waters out-take from the Pink Floyd album the wall" by EDF - Phase9.TV - Uk Defying definition, this independent artist from Sydney Australia falls into a category of his own with his surreal yet lucid works of electronic folk music" Jessica Knot - USA There is a great imagination at work on shifting sands" Sebastian Skeet - Drum Media -street press Australia This is a layered and richly textured album, conjuring up evocative images with its haunting lyrics which seep with slow grace into the consciousness of anyone who dares to allow it" Zolton Zavos - Revolver - street press Australia The Sydney-based singer/songwriter dresses his introspective and highly personal songs in a dense and evocative production effort that lifts the material to a lofty level" Shane Nichols - Australian Financial Review I'm saying this because his songs remind me of the Beatles... simple tunes and great lyrics" - Freakz Of Rock - USA psychedelic samples and evocative instrumentation that are worthy of notice in their own right." Louis Miller - left off the dial - USA this album as listenable and penetrating in 10 years time as it is today ,quietly sombre but tantalisingly intimate" Phill Bennett - Nova street press Australia unchallenged experimental singer songwriters. iota springs to mind as being of similar ilk" Steve Baker - ABC music Australia The lyrics are extremely well-written and introspective views of the world and all of which affects it " J-Sin - Something a little shy, a little self effacing, a little deeper, a little conscious of being a very personal revelation. This is one such album." Andrew Tucker -Gold Coast Australia” - many sources

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from beatpick website. Although we can’t reveal the title of the film (as it has still not been released), Twentieth Century Fox has licensed Australian songwriter Jamison Young’s excellent track Memories Child for an upcoming blockbuster film. Obviously we’re very excited by the possibility to hear one of the tracks from our catalogue in a Hollywood production.”

music licensed to fox film

Use of film song how far in film in poverty. its really worth checking out shawns projects at”

Use of music in charity project.

the song crush was released on compilation though Universal music in Poland.”

song released on universal music label in Poland

cd played start to finish on radio 1 in Prague. thanks Joseph DJ at radio 1”

radio 1 plays cd start to finish