Young Sydney electro-folk artist Jamison Young comes from the new breed of technologically UNchallenged experimental singer songwriters. iOTA springs to mind as being of similar ilk. This album is melancholy but reasonably fresh, sampling widely from sources as various as very nice acoustic guitar work (Crush), to a feel a little reminiscent of Pink Floyd (Top Of The Hill), to a muted, adult nursery rhyme timbre (Carry the World). Then there are touches of scratch and very nice trumpet. The album has been mixed by The Church’s Tim Powles which would account partially for this album’s more eclectic touches and professional sound. ‘Crush’, the least eccentric track on the album has real bite. It’s a bitter, lost-love song which sports the refrain “You’ve judged and tried me ten times over and you told me that I’m cheap/ you’ve said that I should get a life, get a life just leave.” Jamison Young has marked himself as being a recording artist to watch with this debut album.” - Steve Baker

ABC Australia